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Custom ZWave Contact Lenses

Nature Designed Eyes

CustomZWaveSo Why Not Contact Lenses?

Just as no two fingerprints are the same, neither are two eyes. This is especially true with your cornea, the clear tissue where your contact lens sits. The cornea may look smooth and regular, but in fact its shape and texture are irregular.

Wave Contact Lenses are designed like no other lens. A special camera called a corneal topographer creates a topographic map that digitally describes your cornea with thousands of numbers. With Wave’s special design software, I use the data from the map tocreate a custom lens that follows almost every tiny curve and shape on your CustomZWave2cornea. In the width of a hair, there may be as many as 10 distinct curves on the back of the lens. With so many curves, Wave lenses offer unrivaled comfort and sharper optics. Many unsuccessful contact lens wearers are successful Wave lens users.

Why order off the shelf contact lenses? Wave makes them just as nature intended. Ask our staff about Wave Lenses.

Wave Contact Lenses are computer designed (patented) and manufactured for custom fitting to each patient’s cornea. Just as no two corneas are alike, no two Wave lenses are alike. Wave lenses are very comfortable and offer excellent vision. These lenses are custom made, never taken “off the shelf” and completely reproducible when replacements are needed.

How do Wave Lenses differ from other lenses? To begin, Dr. Miller has specialized training to offer Wave lenses. Next a sophisticated video corneal mapping camera creates a color topographical map of your cornea. Thousands of discrete points of elevation data are sent from the map to Wave CAD-CAM Software (computer assisted design-computer assisted manufacture) which the doctor uses to design a contact lens specifically for your cornea. The design is sent electronically to the laboratory’s lathe for manufacturing.

How do the differences help me? Perhaps a waver users says it best, “I was especially pleased that the WAVE measuring system is non-contact, that I did not need to endure wearing “trial lenses” for Dr. Miller to evaluate the fit, and that my eyes did not need to be dilated for the measurement. I also was pleased that the first pair fit so very comfortably. This saved me a great deal of time by avoiding additional trips.”

Why are Wave Lenses more comfortable? It’s quite simple, they fit better! The curve of the lens changes every 10 microns to closely match the natural contour of your cornea. The closer the fit, the greater the comfort. (For example, “soft” lenses are comfortable because they closely fit the cornea, not because they are “soft”.) Wave users consistently remark about the higher level of comfort and visual crispness of our lenses.

Typical GP lenses do not follow the exact shape of the cornea, especially out in the periphery. A poor peripheral fit can result in blink discomfort. Wave lenses “know” exactly how the central and peripheral cornea are shaped. The fit follows the shape leading to a better, more comfortable lens.

Why do Wave Lenses give better vision? It’s a combination of reasons but first and foremost, the better fit keeps the lenses positioned perfectly. Secondly the optical characteristics of each lens is designed to match the physical characteristics of your eye and position of your pupil. Many Wave users report their vision is crisper that with their previously worn RGP lenses or soft lenses.

What types of Wave Lenses are available? Wave lenses can fill all types of contact lens needs. Multifocal (sometimes called bifocal) lens correct for your distance, near (reading) and in-between vision. Single vision lenses are for those who still do not require reading glasses. Toric Wave lens can are fit eyes with astigmatism. OrthoK (orthokeratology) lenses are specially designed lenses used to temporarily reshape your cornea so that your distance vision remains corrected after the lenses are removed. The same type of lens is used for refractive surgery patients who are unhappy with their laser results.

Are they available as soft lenses? Yes, they are.

Can they help correct my eyes after refractive surgery? A large number of our lenses are for patients with less than ideal refractive surgical outcomes. We also fit patients with transplants and keratoconus,

bifocal multifocal keratoconus, corneal transplants, astigmatism, Lasik or PRK, orthokeratology orthok, toric, RGP contact lens.

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